Writing Hangul ~ ㄱ

One of the first Korean lessons my Hányǔ 韩语 (Chinese for Korean 😛 ) friends taught me was how to write Hangul.  As one girl explained, many foreigners simply learn how to read Hangul but are never taught how to write it.  However, if you write the character in the wrong way, it sometimes isn’t clear. Just like English handwriting – if you don’t form your letters correctly, sometimes it’s hard to read. 

So without further ado, here is the first Hangul Letter and how to write it!

1 Stroke (Don’t pick up your pen at all)

Start on the top left and make a long horizontal line, then bring your pen left to make the short vertical line down.


The G/K can actually be written in two ways. Normal K-Friends say it doesn’t really matter, it’s mostly a matter of style preference. Teacher K-Friends say that you use the first method when the character is alone, on top, or on bottom. Use the second method when the character is beside another one.



Examples (From Top 6000 TOPIK Words)

  • 거 (Geo) = Thing
  • 그녀 (Geunyeo) = She
  • 가지다 (Gajida) = To Take Hold of
  • 곳 (Got) = Place
  • 얼굴 (Eolgul) = Face

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